Click HERE for more images is proud to offer an alternative portable toilet called the Tailgating Porta Potty. Specifically intended for the tailgater it features a combination of items that make up your very own private toilet for your group without having to wait in line for an unhygienic public toilet.

Consisting of a privacy tent, a foldable commode chair, restroom kit, and a 7 pack of Urinelle's (Female Urinary Device) for women, this port-o-let is perfect for long hours of tailgating. Taking up only a 4ft x 4ft area, it can be easily positioned in between parked cars, or right next to your group.

Featuring a heavy duty frame construction, it can be set up in just a few minutes. Open and close mesh panels allow for optimal air ventilation and privacy for every user. The foldable commode chair is able to support up to 250 lbs with a padded seat and side storage pockets for extra hygienic supplies. Waste containment bags in the kit are disposable, leak-proof, and turn human waste in an environmentally safe and odorless solid in less than 1 minute. Packed with anti-septic wipes and toilet tissue, you have everything you need to avoid the nasty port a johns. Since women have a more difficult time relieving themselves when tailgating or in a stadium, there is a 7 Pack of Urinelles. These are a 100% biodegradable paper cones that allow women to urinate while standing. These are perfect for women who don't want to sit down on a dirty toilet seat. When finished using one, simply throw them in the waste bag, or flush them down a toilet.

Long restroom lines don't have to ruin your tailgating parties any more. With the Tailgating Porta Potty just simply set it up and TCB when you have to. When it's time to go to the game, disassemble the chair and tent for storage then throw the waste containment bags away with your normal trash. Extra items for your kit can be bought separately at

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Tailgating Porta-Potty
Tailgating Porta-Potty Kit
Privacy Tent
Commode Chair
Restroom Kit
Urinelles Female Urinary Device
Tent & Chair in use
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